RESA Companies

RESA Power Solutions is currently seeking acquisition opportunities across the United States.

Over the past three years, RESA has combined industry leading businesses across the US with diverse product and service offerings to create a well rounded platform to support future growth.  We aim to partner with outstanding management teams who want to contribute to the growth of our platform.

Many growing businesses face challenges as a result of limited cash and personnel. As a RESA company, you will have an abundance of resources working constantly to keep your businesses growing.  If you or your company would like learn more about our group, please contact us.

Below are some featured members of the RESA Power Group:

Relectric Supply Company, LLC

HQ: San Jose, CA

Relectric Supply Company, LLC, based in San Jose, California, buys and sells high quality current model and obsolete electrical distribution and control equipment by all manufacturers including molded case circuit breakers, busway, motor control components, transformers and more.  Relectric features an online store where users can find images, datasheets and pricing for over 200,000 part numbers.

Satin American Corporation

Satin American
HQ: Shelton, CT
Satin American Corporation, LLC, founded in 1928 and based in Shelton, Connecticut, is a leading remanufacturer of low and medium voltage circuit breakers, switchgear and motor control systems.  Satin leverages extensive in-house engineering capabilities to provide innovative solutions to complex power distribution application problems.

Switchgear Unlimited

Switchgear Unlimited
HQ: Plant City, FL
Headquartered in Plant City, Florida, Switchgear Unlimited is a reconditioner and distributor of switchgear, circuit breakers and other power distribution and circuit protection equipment. Switchgear Unlimited has been serving the industrial electrical power utilization and generation industries for over 25 years with a commitment to quality and customer service.

DYMAX Holdings, LLC
(DYMAX Service, LLC & High Voltage Service, LLC)

DYMAX Service
HQ: St. Paul, MN
DYMAX, founded in 1981 and headquartered in St Paul, Minnesota, is a NETA accredited company specializing in low, medium, and high voltage electrical testing, repair and engineering services. With five service shops spanning Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota, DYMAX delivers electrical power solutions to thousands of customers throughout the United States.

West Coast Switchgear, Inc

West Coast Switchgear
HQ: Cerritos, CA
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Cerritos, California, West Coast Switchgear is an industry leader in sales, service and remanufacturing of power circuit breakers, switchgear and other power distribution and control systems. With locations in Cerritos and Bakersfield, West Coast Switchgear is backed by an in-house engineering staff, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and onsite apparatus repair facility for everything 480 volt and above.

Energy Systems Services, Inc (ESS)

Energy Systems Services ESS
HQ: Stow, OH
Headquartered in Stow, Ohio, ESS provides electrical life extension services to a wide range of loyal industrial and utility customers across the Central US. ESS is a leading remanufacturer of low and medium voltage electrical power distribution equipment for critical applications. In addition, ESS stocks and sells parts for servicing aging circuit breakers and switchgear and performs preventative maintenance services for customers’ electrical infrastructure.

Transformer Testing and Repair (TTR)
HQ: Fairfield, CA
Located in Fairfield, California, Transformer Testing & Repairs, Inc. has been performing transformer maintenance as well as providing on site inspection, insulating fluid sampling, and repairs to electrical transformers and other high voltage electrical distribution equipment since 1988. Transformer Testing and Repairs services include routine maintenance as well as specialized services such as PCB management, retrofilling, and complete disposal and remediation services.

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