Marine Electrical Engineering Service

Marine Electrical Engineering Service

One of our unique sectors is our Marine Service. We utilize professional engineering, technical specialist, and qualified electrical staff for support of all electrical and automation equipment including installation and manufacturing of custom electrical equipment control panels and upgrades onboard vessels.

Together with project managers and designers we craft and develop switchgear systems to meet your Marine electrical engineering service’s needs. We offer a large pool of electricians and certified technicians available to support 24/7. We are dedicated to supporting marine operations efficiently and safely.

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RESA Power is proud to be a trusted partner of marine military facilities across the country.

Electrical Installations Services

Upgrades to existing systems, new systems, or custom-built systems
Power distribution, panel boards
Steering systems
Motor controls
Propulsion systems
Galley systems
Sewage systems
Bridge electronics
Automation systems
Power generation
Emergency power generation
Battery power systems
UPS systems
Safety systems
Communication systems
Shore power systems

Engineering for Safety & Reliability

Coordination and Protection schemes for power distribution systems
Power management controls, monitoring, metering, generator synchronization -Factory trained in DEIF PPM3
Power quality analysis, troubleshooting, options for solution
Power system life cycle planning, options for solution
Arc flash surveys and mitigation solutions
PLC/HMI custom solutions for automation controls
Custom motor controls solutions
Produce scope of work documentation for electrical upgrades on vessels

Complete Preventative Maintenance Plans & Services

Low, medium, and high voltage breakers
Transformer maintenance
Generator and excitation system maintenance
Protective relay testing
Motor control, vacuum contactors and air circuit breakers
Power and propulsion system checks

Panel Building

We provide custom design and engineer drawing for production and fabrication of all types of panels building and automatic control system. Our capabilities include integrating state of the art automatic control systems that improve efficiency and reliability aboard vessels of all sizes. Our team ensures precision engineering and attention to detail guaranteeing seamless operation and compliance with regulatory requirements. Whether it’s upgrading existing panels or designing custom solutions for new builds our Marine Services.

Preventative Maintenance, Testing and Inspections

We also offer complete preventative maintenance plans and services for low, medium, and high voltage breakers. Additionally, we perform power and propulsion system checks to ensure all equipment operates efficiently.

Our circuit breaker witness testing and inspections are MOT, insurance, and authority approved. We are marine certified and bonded, providing automated, traceable test documentation. Our services include infrared scanning and detailed reports, along with Megger surveys and comprehensive documentation to ensure your systems meet all necessary standards and perform reliably.

Circuit breaker witness testing & inspection

MOT, insurance and authority approved
Marine certified and bonded
Automated traceable test documentation
Infrared scanning and detailed reports
Megger surveys and detailed reports

Switchboards Design

Our electrical engineers have designed switchgear solutions for many Marine projects from single, split and multi-bus AC Systems. Our expertise includes custom solutions, equipment upgrades, and switchgear retrofits, ensuring our compliance with industry standards. Our custom- built switchgear service feature CSA-certified components and 3D design capabilities, allowing us to match or modify your existing equipment. Our trained marine electronic engineers and service technicians can be available for support 24/7.

Custom Solutions, Equipment Upgrades & Switchgear retrofits

Conversions and upgrades

  • Distribution breaker end of life cycle upgrades
  • Protective relay end of life cycle upgrades
  • Power control system integration, end of life cycle upgrades

Custom built switchgear

  • CSA certified switchgear
  • 3D design of switchgear
  • Match or modify existing equipment

Full shop facility

  • Repair/modification and manufacture of switchgear
  • Custom equipment manufacture
    • Moto control
    • PLC/HMI automation
    • Alarm/monitoring
    • Repair/modification of air circuit breakers


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