Civilian Jobs for Military Veterans in Power Systems Industry

RESA Power Is Deeply Committed To Welcoming Military Veterans Into Our Team

We take immense pride in our commitment to providing job opportunities for military veterans transitioning to civilian life. RESA Power deeply values the unwavering dedication, discipline, and work ethic that veterans bring to the table.

We firmly believe that these qualities are essential for achieving success in the electrical industry. Our primary objective is to offer stable and fulfilling careers to those who have selflessly served our nation.
If you are a military veteran seeking to embark on a new mission in the civilian world, we warmly invite you to explore the diverse range of job opportunities available at RESA Power. By becoming a part of our team, you have the opportunity to not only shape your own future but also positively impact the lives of others.

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Why Join RESA Power

As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work with a highly skilled group of individuals dedicated to providing top-of-the-line services that help keep our customers’ power systems running safely and reliably.

What’s more, we know that when you’re in the military, you’re used to working hard for the people who depend on you – so when it comes to finding a job at RESA Power, we’re going to do all we can to make sure you feel supported and cared for. Here are some ways we’ll help:

  • We offer competitive pay, annual compensation reviews, and in-house training courses in essential and advanced topics like project management, safety, and more.
  • We provide reimbursement for certification courses like NETA and PE licenses and have a CDL sponsorship program available.
  • We strive to create a family feel with corporate support, ensuring that you feel supported and cared for as you continue your professional career.

Careers for Military Veterans

At RESA Power, we recognize the value that military veterans bring to our organization and our industry. Our career path is designed to allow employees to grow within their field of expertise and learn new skills over time. By joining our team, you will be able to develop your skills and gain invaluable experience in the power systems industry that can set you up for lasting success.

RESA Power is committed to hiring veteran employees and providing civilian job opportunities for military veterans in the power systems industry. We believe that military veterans are a valuable asset to our organization and our industry, and we want you to be a part of our team.

Through a career at RESA Power, you will be able to develop your skills and gain invaluable experience in the power systems industry that can set you up for lasting success. Join our team today and help power the nation!

We Hire Military-Trained Talent

  • 249th Prime Power
  • Power Generation
  • MUSE/Navy Nuclear
  • Navy Seabees
  • Machinist Mates
  • Mobile Utilities Support Equipment
  • Air Force Power
  • Air Force Red Horse
  • Any other military electronics, electrical, or mechanical-related experience.

At RESA Power, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in working with us but do not see a current job opening that matches your interests or qualifications, we encourage you to submit your resume anyway. By doing so, you will receive updates on what is happening at RESA Power and information about available opportunities.

Power Systems: A Veteran-Friendly Industry

The power systems industry offers a wealth of employment opportunities tailor-made for veterans, encompassing pivotal roles in electrical testing and engineering, field service, and project management that seamlessly align with their unique skill sets.

Veterans hold a special place of honor within this industry, primarily due to their transferable military experience. Their backgrounds are rich in technical expertise, problem-solving acumen, critical thinking, and exceptional leadership skills. These attributes render veterans highly adaptable and more than capable of surmounting any challenges that may come their way.

Furthermore, the power systems industry is in a perpetual state of evolution, presenting veterans with a multitude of avenues to continuously enhance their skills and carve out deeply rewarding careers.

Let Us Help You Transition from Military Career to Civilian Job

At RESA Power, we recognize that transitioning from military service to a civilian career can pose significant challenges. That’s precisely why we are here to lend a helping hand. We extend exceptional job opportunities to military veterans within the power systems industry, facilitating a seamless transition from military service to civilian employment.

Our dedicated team is wholeheartedly committed to empowering our employees, enabling them to develop their skills and propel their careers within the electrical industry. We firmly believe that by offering job opportunities to veterans, we not only support their transition but also gain access to a pool of highly talented and dedicated professionals who share our unwavering values and commitment to excellence.

Our Benefits Include

  • Competitive Pay/ Annual Compensation Reviews
  • Union Positions Available
  • Relocation Assistance Offered for Most Roles
  • Benefits With 401k Match & HSA Contribution* 
  • Generous Overtime Structure
  • Paid Time Off*
  • Per Diem/Fully Reimbursed Travel
  • Cell Phone Reimbursement for Travel Positions
  • Significant Referral Bonus & Anniversary Bonus
  • Employee Ownership Program
  • Company Sponsored Development Opportunities
  • Technical Certification Reimbursement
  • Career Advancement & Opportunities for Growth
  • Tools to Complete Jobs with Ease & Success

(*for our nonunion locations)

RESA Power’s Training and Development Opportunities

At RESA Power, we provide exceptional training and development programs to assist in your shift from military service to the civilian workforce. We comprehend the obstacles of job-seeking after serving in the military, and we pledge to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

We provide a diverse range of opportunities at our various locations across the country. So don’t delay; boost your career with RESA Power now!

Apprentice & Mentorship
Program (AMP)

RESA Power’s Apprentice & Mentorship Program (AMP) is designed to provide a path to professional development from the ground up. Get paid while you learn and grow into a career path with a company that believes investing in the future begins with today’s apprentices.

RESA Power
University: Learn at Your Own Pace

RESA Power University offers on-demand and virtual training. It ensures that everyone stays compliant and has the flexibility to expand their knowledge on their own schedule.

Leadership Development

At RESA Power, we understand that professional development goes beyond technical education. We place a strong emphasis on leadership development, considering it a cornerstone of building robust teams and fostering organizational growth. This extends from self-leadership to leading others and crafting strategic visions.

In-House Training,
Essential & Advanced Courses

Learn with some of the best in the business through RESA Power’s in-house training. From essential training to advanced courses on topics including transformers, and substation maintenance, to protective devices and systems, RESA Power offers something for every technician.

NETA Certification, PE License, & CDL Sponsorship

Credentials like NETA Certification, Professional Engineer, and CDL are all critical to the success of RESA Power’s mission. RESA Power is here to support your pursuit of these credentials as we partner in achieving success.

Ladders & Lattices

Explore diverse career paths with RESA Power’s career ladders and lattices. Whether you envision your progression as vertical, lateral, diagonal, or even geographical across the organization, we offer the tools and opportunities to help you plan and realize your unique career journey.

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