Transformer Maintenance Service

RESA Power understands transformers.

Transformers are the critical energy bridge that ensures the power you need keeps flowing to energize our work and lives. Transformers are the most important component in the electrical grid. They transform voltage by stepping it up or stepping it down through magnetic induction within the transformer’s windings. Transformers provide the essential link between two circuits or systems operating at different voltages. Transformer maintenance and upkeep are significant to the reliability and safety of your business. Trust RESA Power to be your one-stop shop for onsite transformer service and repair.

Liquid filled transformers are more often found in the electrical circuit than dry-type transformer. Liquid filled transformers are normally more efficient, have a better overload capability and usually have a longer life expectancy. Liquid filled transformers are filled with insulating fluid that perform a dual role: cooling and arc quenching. As a transformer ages or as the load increases the insulating fluid is exposed to high temperatures, perhaps sparking, arcing or even moisture; degrading the fluids ability to protect the transformer. Periodic fluid samples are used to determine the quality of the insulating fluid. The fluid analysis also gives us clues as to the health of the transformer, exposes fault combustible gasses and identifies potential winding or component failures.

RESA Power has one of the largest and most comprehensive fleet of transformer insulating fluid processing equipment in the country. Headquartered in Houston, TX with capabilities across the entire country, RESA Power’s transformer services divisions located in Visalia, CA (Transformer Services West) and Canton, OH & Wilson, NC/Raleigh-Durham (Transformer Services East) are both well equipped to handle all sizes of oil filled transformers, from large substation power transformers to smaller distribution pad mounted transformers. This service combined with our inspections and maintenance plan will exponentially increase the life expectancy of your liquid filled transformers.

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Installations, Inspections, and Testing

At our service centers and repair facilities, we repair transformers, switchgear, regulators, reclosers, and controls. We also specialize in on-site installations and field assembly, during which our field technicians are able to install either pad mount or substation power transformers, depending on the need.

The primary purpose of transformer maintenance and inspection is to ensure the life expectancy of your assets. The external and internal parts of the transformer must be robust and exhibit proper functionality in order to operate safely and efficiently. At RESA Power, we not only perform the maintenance but help you track and keep a historical record of the condition of every transformer through TAPS!

The maintenance records in TAPS allows for consistent monitoring of your electrical assets in one convenient location that is available on demand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. By accessing TAPS you can track your assets, monitor trends, and plan for maintenance. RESA certified technicians and engineers will be available to assist you in the interpretation of the data, monitoring or the equipment, maintenance planning and execution of testing and servicing your transformers. Scheduling benchmark acceptance tests as well as periodic maintenance tests, at regular intervals will ensure transformer stability and reduce unplanned outages.

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Repairs, Refurbishments, and Upgrades


RESA Power establishes a repair and maintenance schedule to prevent unplanned or service interruptions and immediate major equipment overhauls. In the event that repairs must be made, our field experts analyze your transformer and identify any required electrical or mechanical repairs. Whether a structural leak, malfunctioning component or an electrical test failure RESA’s team has what it takes to make it right.

Quality Replacement Parts

Need to find a replacement part for that aging electrical asset or equipment? RESA Power offers refurbished components and accessories for that vintage transformer or system. Our transformer repair professionals are able to find a number of different types of like-new quality replacement parts: bushings and gaskets; controls and gauges; radiators and valves; and fit and finish supplies. RESA Power supplies many components for late model equipment as well as discontinued or obsolete systems from all major manufacturers.

Redesigned Like New

When it’s time for a transformer upgrade – RESA Power’s knowledge base of engineers and maintenance professionals will identify equipment solutions to fit your budget and maximize your spending dollars by analyzing your needs and assisting you in specifying equipment additions or retrofits that increase efficiencies and provide a positive impact on your bottom line! Examples include: tank repairs and modifications; cooling system repairs and improvements, insulating fluid reclamations or retro-fills, fusing additions and upgrades; smart controls and gauge retrofits or repairs (including remote installations); and coil repairs and rewinds, up to 35 kV / 10 MVA.

Learn More about Transformer Retrofill Services

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The Power of Us

Reliable and Safe. It’s not just a catch phrase. It’s how we do business, how we go about our daily activities and how we work together. Like an electrical system RESA is a marriage of many components working together, employees, equipment, methods, materials, and our environment. RESA Power strives to ensure all of our components, whether mechanical, electrical, or human are quality, fit for use and always improving. Together we will work toward our mutual benefit (customer and supplier), ensuring the longevity of our clients’ assets and electrical equipment. Whether a simple repair such as descaling mineral deposits from transformer cooling panels for improved cooling efficiency or the intricacies of overhauling a power transformer’s on load tap changer, contact RESA Power, your local expert. The Power of Us. Reliable and Safe.