Electric Motor Starters

Protect Your Personnel and Equipment with Certified Motor Starters

Motor starters combine switching ability and overload protection into a single unit, making them essential components for large-scale commercial and industrial operations. Electrical starters are made from contactors, which help control the electric current to the motor, and overloads, which prevent the motors from overheating due to drawing too much current. These components come together to serve as an important safety mechanism that protects the operator and equipment by turning off the motor in the event of an overload.

As such a fundamental piece of electrical system safety, it’s critical that you find the right one for your needs. With one of the largest inventories of new and used components from both popular and hard-to-find manufacturers, RESA Power can help you find the electrical motor starter that meets your size and voltage specifications. We also stock individual contactors and overloads for convenient replacement. Our components are always tested and certified to meet your specifications and industry compliance and safety standards.

RESA Power understands that your system’s performance depends on a reliable service partner. In the event of an emergency, our technicians can repair motor starters and other motor control equipment from all major manufacturers. Learn more about our emergency power systems services.

Low & Medium Voltage Control

When it comes to maintaining power in various industrial applications, you need dependable electrical starters and motor controllers you can rely on. That’s where we can assist you. Our cutting-edge technology and premium-quality materials guarantee that our low and medium voltage control solutions function efficiently and reliably.

Our products can be customized to meet your specific requirements, whether you need a starter for a water treatment plant or a motor controller for a mining operation. Our electrical motor starters are designed to provide seamless and uninterrupted performance, giving you peace of mind that your critical systems are in good hands.

Motor Starters We Stock:

  • Low & Medium Voltage for Standard Induction and Synchronous Motors 480V-15000V
  • Soft Starters
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Reduced Voltage Auto transformer
  • Full Voltage starters Air and Vacuum

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