Emergency Power Systems & Services

Ready to Assist When Disaster Strikes

In the event of an emergency, RESA Power has the supplies and tools to assist in a crisis. In the aftermath of a flood, fire, tornado, winter weather, or other natural disasters that triggers a power outage, our market-leading team has the capacity to quickly deliver reliable electrical services and quality electrical components anywhere and anytime. Depend on RESA Power when times are dire any time day or night all year round.

Read on to learn more about our nationwide emergency response services, manufacturing of used equipment options, and other field services, regardless of current inclement weather or other unusual circumstances. When disaster strikes, count on RESA Power as a reliable backup for electrical needs.

Need Emergency Power Services? Call RESA Power 24/7/365 at 833-999-RESA (7372)

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Emergency Response Services

RESA Power is on call to assist in solving problems. Our NETA-certified technicians have years of experience and follow safety procedures to support emergency power supply repairs.

Here are just a few areas where RESA Power can assist to prepare you before an emergency:

On-Call Management & Consulting

RESA Power is just one call away. Our network of field sales engineers and field technicians can provide staff, as well as essential power supply parts and repair services to anywhere you are. Our 24/7 emergency power service can diagnose the problem and provide effective power solutions. We’ll work with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for all types of transformers. Eliminating downtime to get your facility back up and running is your main priority.

Materials Management, Procurement, & Supply

In need of developing an efficient supply chain process? We’ll review your current inventory for any obsolete parts as well as identify appropriate and accurate base levels for each type of component. After these plans are established, you’ll be ready when the unexpected occurs. Vendors and third-party suppliers are also identified and secured to provide inventory, including commercial generators, to avoid product shortages. The commercial emergency power logistics can then be monitored and tracked to ensure you have reliable and ample components on hand in case of supply chain delays.

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Emergency Power Supply Equipment and Components

The independent power sources needed during emergencies are imperative to industries that provide life-saving and everyday services. Emergency power systems must have their own panels, transfer stations, and other components, and are required by code to produce power to any safety systems within 10 seconds. Make sure your equipment is reliable by utilizing RESA Power’s connection of parts and services.

Obsolete and Vintage Parts & Components

RESA Power Components supplies components for both current model and obsolete systems from all major manufacturers. We provide new, new surplus, and reconditioned to factory specification electrical equipment. From circuit breakers and switches to transformers and associated parts, our vast inventory is suitable for all industrial emergency power components.

Parts Identification & Reverse Engineering

Have a part that’s hard to find? Want to learn more about the engineering and design behind existing transformer parts? RESA Power can help with the education and identification process. Discover your options for industrial emergency power solutions.

Repairs to all Manufacturers’ Equipment

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have your commercial emergency power components fixed. We repair components of all major manufacturers including:

  • AC & DC Drive Systems
  • Air, Oil & SF6 Breakers
  • Cables & Bus Duct
  • Dry and Fluid-filled Transformers
  • Low & Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Low and Medium Voltage Motor Starters, & MCCs

Spare Parts Management & Services

If you’re looking for life extension solutions for electrical equipment, we offer access to spare parts and services so you can avoid having to buy completely new industrial emergency power equipment, if it’s not necessary.

Engineered Kits

If you need an emergency power supply, we can deliver compact, dry distribution transformers that are oil-filled, either padmount or substation, and any KVA/MVA (all voltages).

Troubleshooting Field Services

RESA Power is uniquely capable of providing emergency power services to a variety of electrical maintenance and manufacturing markets including data centers, hospitals, contractors, mining, airports, and electrical distributors – just to name a few. Our vast experience allows us the opportunity to help with a wide range of problems and circumstances.

Circuit Breaker and Transformer Inspections

Circuit breakers are required to be tested every six months to one to three years, depending on the usage and voltage level. RESA Power provides a number of essential transformer maintenance & repair services, wherever you need them. We can provide a maintenance schedule that helps prolong the longevity of your facility’s commercial emergency power equipment, including:

  • Voltage Detection
  • Current Flow
  • Infrared Inspections
  • Energization & De-energization

Lock-Out Tag Out Procedures

OSHA describes the importance of lock-out or tag out procedures to protect workers in the event that they may be exposed to hazardous energy while on the job. Hazardous jobs include completing emergency disabling of machinery or equipment by a foreman or director of facility/grounds.

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