Power System Components and Specialty Distribution

RESA Power Components Group offers safe and reliable alternatives to your regular electrical distributor. With 40+ locations across the U.S. and Canada, RESA Power combines the national access and expertise of a large-scale provider with the speed and service quality of a trusted local partner. You’ll always have access to the electrical power components and systems you need with our convenient locations on both east and west coasts.

This dedication to efficient service, along with a commitment to safety and accuracy, is what sets RESA Power apart as a supplier of high-power electronics. Our team understands that preventing unplanned downtime is critical to your operations – that’s why our distribution centers are strategically located so we can deliver electric power components and systems to our customers when and where they need them.

Expertise in Electrical Equipment Components

RESA Power is a leading provider of electrical power distribution equipment and services, with extensive expertise in specialty distribution and electrical components. Over decades, RESA Power has built a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable electrical equipment and services to a wide range of industries. The company’s team of experienced technicians and engineers have in-depth knowledge of specialty distribution systems, including those used in data centers, hospitals, and other critical facilities. Additionally, RESA Power maintains an extensive inventory of electrical equipment components, ensuring that customers have access to the parts they need when they need them. Whether it’s equipment testing, repair, or replacement, RESA Power has the expertise and resources to help customers keep their electrical systems running smoothly and efficiently.

RESA Power Components Group provides superior assistance to companies with

  • A huge inventory of distribution equipment and power system components.
  • Access to all major manufacturers.
  • Same-day fulfillment.
  • Reduced shipping cost and lead time.
  • Temporary power product line expansion.
  • National reach and market expansion.

The Convenience of RESA Power’s Dual Coast Specialty Distribution Centers

With Specialty Distribution centers strategically located in San Jose, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, RESA Power has quick access to major industrial hubs in the western and eastern United States. This enables us to reduce shipping costs and shorten the lead time to deliver high-quality products to our customers in a timely manner.

There are many reasons why having locations on either side of the country makes services more convenient for RESA Power customers. For example, electric power components and systems are typically manufactured in factories located on the East Coast. However, these same components and systems are often installed in homes and businesses on the West Coast. Having locations on both coasts allows RESA Power to easily supply current models and obsolete equipment from all major manufacturers to our customers no matter where they are located. Similarly, if a customer needs service or repairs, they can simply call the nearest location. This convenience is one of the main reasons why RESA Power chose to have locations on both sides of the country. Our east and west coast power components groups each provide the following services to better serve our customers.

Extensive Inventory of Electrical Equipment Components

RESA Power is a leading provider of electrical power components for a variety of industries. With a focus on specialty distribution, RESA Power offers a wide range of electrical power components and systems to meet the needs of their customers. Their products include power distribution equipment, electrical control components, industrial electrical components, and electrical systems and components, among others.

  • Supply current models and obsolete electrical power components from all major manufacturers.
  • Specialize in custom design, demolition/removal, reconditioning, rentals, replacement, retrofitting, and testing services.
  • Provide new, new surplus, RE-certified, RE-certified, Plus electrical equipment.
  • Buy new surplus and previously installed low-voltage distribution equipment and components.

Being an essential electrical components supplier, RESA Power is uniquely capable to ship new and reconditioned circuit breakers and other hard-to-find electrical components to over 90% of our customers with a typical delivery from 24 hours to 1 week.

Overall, RESA Power is a trusted provider of electrical power components for a wide range of industries. Our focus on the extensive inventory of electrical equipment and power systems components makes us a go-to choice for businesses looking for reliable and effective solutions to their electrical power needs.

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commercial busway

RESA Power is a leading supplier of new and obsolete Busways. Start here to find your bus plug, bus duct or other busway components.


commercial cb

We provide several different types of circuit breakers, offering both new and obsolete breakers, certified and guaranteed to perform.


commercial fuse

Find your new or obsolete fuses here. Our sales experts can usually cross reference any part number to the most current vintage.


commercial mcc

RESA Power stocks components including heaters, buckets, coils, starters, contractors, contact kits, and complete motor control centers and pump panels.


commercial pnl

We have hundreds of panelboard configurations available requiring no lead time, offering new panelboards at great prices, often with same-day shipping.


commercial ssw

RESA Power is an authorized stocking distributor of ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches, and the nation’s leading supplier of new and reconditioned distribution switches.



RESA Power offers quick, creative engineering solutions for difficult switchgear projects, stocking repair and retrofit assemblies by all manufacturers since 1940.


commercial transformer

As the nation’s premier supplier of distribution transformers, RESA Power offers a large range of new and reconditioned transformers, certified and guaranteed to perform.


commercial electrician, commercial electricians, industrial electrician

When your project requires temporary power, RESA Power has affordable, high quality, temporary solutions –including mobile skids that can be delivered to your job site within 1-2 weeks AR.


With sales and distribution centers located across the United States, RESA provide components and support to clients in every major metropolitan area.