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RESA Power Industrial Power Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry

RESA Power is a global leader in providing industrial power solutions for companies in the manufacturing sector. We provide a full range of services to support our customers in the design, manufacture, and operation of their manufacturing facilities. Our team of NETA-certified experts has extensive experience in all aspects of manufacturing and industrial operations, and we are committed to providing the highest quality products and cost-effective services to our customers throughout the manufacturing industry.

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RESA Power’s technicians have vast experience in all facets of the electrical needs the manufacturing industry demands to keep operations running at peak efficiency and output. We offer reliable and safe electrical solutions for facilities across the industrial manufacturing industry.


RESA Power is your trusted partner for comprehensive electrical services for manufacturing facilities. We understand the unique challenges of this industrial sector – where production downtime can result in significant financial loss and safety risks can have severe implications. That’s why we offer a wide array of electrical services for industrial and manufacturing facilities designed to ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of your manufacturing power systems.

Full-Service Power Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry

RESA Power has the comprehensive expertise to provide your industrial facility with the proper industrial power management systems to best suit your needs and keep operational costs down. Whether your facility functions manually or through automation, a smooth operation is needed to efficiently meet demands and deadlines and that requires reliable and safe industrial power system solutions.

Our customers are some of the largest manufacturing companies in the industry. Our full range of testing services help sustain the longevity of your manufacturing equipment. From these testing services, we’ll recommend proper preventative maintenance for either one-time or develop a maintenance program for your equipment with ongoing services to help eliminate downtime.

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Construct the Future with Manufacturing Power System Solutions from RESA Power

Manufacturing has been the backbone of the United States economy for many years. It is responsible for turning materials, substances, or components into products using mechanical, physical, or chemical transformations. New products are created in plants, factories, and facilities using high-tech machinery and material handling equipment.

In order to remain competitive in the global market, manufacturing companies must continually find ways to improve their production processes while reducing costs and being more energy-efficient. That’s where RESA Power comes in. It is important for manufacturers to have reliable and safe industrial electrical solutions in place in today’s interconnected economy.

Partner with RESA Power and enhance your manufacturing power system solutions to ensure your power system’s safety, reliability, and efficiency for a global reach and continued success.

Emergency Power Services for Manufacturers: Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations

In manufacturing, power interruptions can lead to significant downtime and safety risks. RESA Power’s Emergency Services for Manufacturing Facilities, available 24/7, provide swift responses to any power-related emergencies. Our team of NETA-certified technicians is prepared to offer immediate assistance, restoring your operations in the shortest time possible.

From sudden power outages to equipment malfunctions, our experts leverage advanced tools for quick diagnosis and resolution. With RESA Power, you can trust in our commitment to keep your production line moving and your operations safeguarded against unexpected power emergencies.


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Manufacturing Sectors We Serve

At RESA Power, our expertise spans a variety of manufacturing sectors, including chemicals, computer and electronic products, food and beverage, aerospace, and more. We provide fail-safe support to ensure that your company’s manufacturing operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our manufacturing power system solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each segment, utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience to develop custom strategies and electrical power solutions that optimize manufacturing processes and improve efficiency. Let us help you power your manufacturing systems and maintain them to give you the continuous support you need to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Let’s power the future together!

Our expertise includes the following industries:

  • Chemicals
  • Computer and electronic products
  • Food, beverage and tobacco products
  • Aerospace and other transportation equipment
  • Motor vehicles and parts
  • Machinery
  • Steel and Metal Fabrication
  • Miscellaneous durable goods manufacturing
  • Plastics and rubber products
  • Steelmaking

RESA Power has experience in these markets and more. Find out how we can utilize our expertise to your improve your industrial facility power systems and provide fail safe support for your company’s manufacturing operations.

Power Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing

The chemical manufacturing industry, with its diverse sectors – basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, calls for unique power management solutions.

RESA Power delivers tailored industrial power solutions across these sectors. We cater to the vast basic chemicals sector, contributing over 60% of total output, the specialty chemicals sector with around 20% output, and the high-value pharmaceuticals sector, which generates nearly 30% of total revenue despite its smaller output size.

Our focus is on providing reliable and safe power solutions for chemical manufacturing tailored to your company and industry’s needs that ensure consistent, timely production. Trust RESA Power for customized power management strategies in the dynamic field of chemical manufacturing.

Machinery Manufacturing Solutions

The machinery manufacturing industry, encompassing diverse sectors such as agriculture, construction, mining, and forestry, is a highly competitive space. Staying ahead often means leveraging cutting-edge technology and powering that technology with reliable and safe manufacturing power system solutions.

Recognizing the unique challenges of this industry, RESA Power offers a diverse portfolio of solutions in industrial power management and electrical services for manufacturing facilities. Our goal is to preempt potential disruptions and ensure the smooth operation of your manufacturing facility’s machinery. Reach out to RESA Power for effective power strategies tailored to the machinery manufacturing industry and your manufacturing power systems’ unique needs.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage manufacturing industry, encompassing everything from raw ingredient processing to packaging and distribution, faces unique daily challenges and power demands. Changing consumer preferences and increased health consciousness have compelled the industry to innovate and invest in new technologies, leading to a more sustainable and efficient production process.

Furthermore, strict compliance guidelines around food safety, environmental regulations, and labeling requirements add another layer of complexity. Ensuring a safe, reliable farm-to-table transition is paramount.

RESA Power understands these challenges. We can help keep your manufacturing and production machinery running at peak efficiency to minimize supply chain disruptions and develop a proactive preventative maintenance plan to ensure power runs continuously. Our industrial power system solutions aim to enhance the longevity of your industrial electrical systems and modern food and beverage equipment, promoting efficiency and reliability in your Food and Beverage manufacturing operations.

Steel and Metal Manufacturing

Steel and Metal Manufacturing requires equipment that is reliable and capable of withstanding the high demands required of the industry to build a stronger tomorrow. At RESA Power, our team of NETA-certified technicians and skilled experts have the experience to solve and maintain your manufacturing power needs.

As a pillar of the American economy, it is paramount that your manufacturing plant partners with an industry leader to ensure your operation continues to run in the event of emergencies and can identify issues in your manufacturing power systems before they can develop into severe problems that reduce or stops production or pose a hazard to the safety of your employees.

RESA Power’s team of experts provides customized industrial electrical solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety in your manufacturing plant, ensuring you meet regulatory standards without compromising productivity.

Electrical Components for the Manufacturing Industry

There are many different types of electrical components available for your manufacturing power system equipment, each with its own unique function.

For example, some components are responsible for shaping and molding materials, while others cut or drill holes. In order to be effective, manufacturers must carefully select the right component for each stage of the production process.

In some cases, a single component can perform multiple functions. For instance, a drill bit can be used to create both holes and slots. However, it is often more efficient to use specialized components that are designed for a single purpose.

By carefully considering the type of manufacturing equipment components that are available, manufacturers can ensure that their production line is as efficient as possible. Power transmission solutions by RESA Power are offered nationwide across our 40+ locations for short lead times and reduced shipping costs. We will ensure your manufacturing facility is keeping up with the latest equipment and even offer previously installed equipment and units to meet budget restraints.

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