Current Transformers – Low & Medium Voltage

RESA Power stocks a wide range of Current Transformers (CT) including Solid-Core Low Voltage and Medium Voltage current transformers for most common applications. We offer a large in-stock inventory and same-day shipping.

Let RESA Power Help You Find the Current Transformer That’s Right for Your Power System

Current Transformers are an essential part of managing and monitoring your power systems. They allow you to measure current on circuits that would otherwise overpower the power meters if the current was measured directly. Not only does accurately measuring power output allow the operator to assess load capacity and equipment performance, it is also invaluable for companies that are moving towards energy-saving operations.

There are two main types of industrial current transformers:

  • Solid Core Current Transformers create a fully closed ring around the conductor. To install, the conductor must be disconnected so it can be fed through the center of the solid core CT. This type of current transformer is most commonly used in newly installed applications, and they are usually the more cost-effective and accurate choice.
  • Split Core Current Transformers are better suited for operations where disconnecting the conductor isn’t preferred. As the name suggests, this is because the core is split, allowing it to be easily placed around the conductor without disruptions. This type of current transformer is best for retrofit installations, and due to its added benefits, the cost can be higher than solid-core current transformers.

Solid-Core Low Voltage Vs Medium Voltage CTs

When it comes to choosing between solid-core low voltage and medium voltage CTs, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your system.

Solid-core low voltage CTs are a common choice for applications with currents up to 1,000A. They are reliable, cost-effective, and can provide accurate current measurements with a high degree of precision. They are also easy to install and can be used in a wide range of applications. However, solid-core CTs can be larger in size than other types of CTs, which can be a disadvantage in applications where space is limited.

Medium voltage CTs, on the other hand, are designed to handle higher voltage levels and currents up to 10,000A. They are typically used in power distribution systems and can provide accurate current measurements in high voltage environments. They are also more compact in size than solid-core CTs and can be more suitable for applications with limited space. However, they can be more expensive than solid-core CTs and may require more specialized installation and maintenance.

When choosing between solid-core low voltage and medium voltage CTs, it’s important to work with an experienced electrical engineer who can help you determine which type of CT is best for your system based on its specific needs and requirements. Factors to consider include the voltage level, current range, accuracy requirements, and space limitations.

No matter which type of CT you choose, it’s important to select a high-quality product that is reliable and fits your system’s needs. Proper installation and regular maintenance can also help ensure accurate and reliable current measurements over time.

Searching for the right current transformer supplier? RESA Power has you covered for everything from custom-fit components to installation and maintenance. Contact your nearest systems center today to find out how we can help you with all of your medium and low-voltage current transformer needs.


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