Sample Guard Transformer Enclosure

Reliable and Safe

Many industrial companies operate non-stop around the clock, making it difficult for maintenance technicians to provide safe access to equipment for transformer repair. RESA Power can support the safety of your technicians with a Sample Guard enclosure for cabinet-style transformers. This allows for safe access to perform transformer oil sampling and nitrogen service lines by relocating them to an enclosure mounted outside the transformer, saving the technicians from having to power down the transformer or remove it from service and disrupt operations.

RESA Power produces fully customizable remote external sampling devices and systems that allow technicians to safely collect oil samples and service the nitrogen blanket with zero risk of Arc Flash.

☑️ Sample Guard enclosures are easy to mount and arrive with the hardware necessary for installation.

☑️ The exterior has a NEMA-rated, powder-coated finish that will last for years in various types of weather.

☑️ Lead time for the enclosures is two weeks.

Our sample guard enclosures provide a reliable and durable solution to safeguard your transformers. Crafted from top-grade materials and engineered with precision, our enclosures offer optimal protection against dust, moisture, extreme temperatures, and physical damage. With a focus on safety and functionality, our enclosures are designed to meet industry standards and ensure ease of access for routine maintenance and inspections. Whether you need a sample guard enclosure for cabinet-style transformers or a custom solution tailored to your transformer specifications, our skilled team will work closely with you to deliver the perfect enclosure to suit your needs. Choose RESA Power for superior quality, durability, and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your technicians and transformers. Contact us today to explore our range of sample guard transformer enclosures.

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Prevent Arc Flash Injuries

Every day in the US, five to ten arc flash explosions occur involving electrical equipment. Arc Flashes can be caused by several factors including dust, condensation, accidental touching, material failure, corrosion, and faulty installation, among others. The severity of an Arc Flash injury can be intensified by the proximity of the worker to the hazard. Check out our Arc Flash Training webpage.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that 2,000 people are treated annually at burn centers for arc flash injuries. Injuries can vary from minor burns from fire to blindness, hearing loss, nerve damage, third-degree burns, and in some cases, death. Long-term and extended medical care are often required, resulting in costly medical bills and fees.

Avoid these types of injuries by installing our Sample Guard product, a safe way to sample an energized padmount transformer.

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Oil Handling and Sampling

The key to a long-lasting transformer is regular transformer maintenance. The experts at RESA Power offer field services to customers all around the world. Mail your sample to our full-service laboratory in California. These samples can tell a lot about your equipment. We’ll identify any current or potential problems with the equipment and provide the best solution moving forward to rectify the problem and prevent any future transformer failure.

Installation of our Sample Guard product will help reduce the risk of these types of injuries by providing a safe way to sample an energized padmount transformer.

RESA Power produces fully customizable remote external sampling devices and systems that allow technicians to safely collect oil samples and service the nitrogen blanket with zero risk of Arc Flash.


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Equipment Components – Not Just Enclosures

RESA Power has recently added the Sample Guard Stainless enclosure to the high-quality Sample Guard series. In addition to transformer enclosures, we are the nation’s premier supplier of distribution transformers, both new and reconditioned to factory specification electrical equipment. Our equipment is customizable and almost all of our products offer a 1-year warranty.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help with any of your electrical needs. You can view Components online. We are pleased to offer guaranteed buy-back and rental options.

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Easy to Install

Sample Guard enclosures can be installed on-site or in the factory, are easy to mount and arrive with all the hardware necessary for installation. Our enclosures are moisture resistant, withstanding wet and brackish areas as well as areas with high atmospheric moisture.

Our high-quality enclosures are long-lasting in any type of weather with a NEMA-rated, powder-coated finish. The default color is standard ANSI 70 Gray but can also be painted to match your equipment. Lead time is as quick as two weeks.

Since it’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, the Sample Guard enclosures facilitate safe access to oil samples and nitrogen service lines without danger of corrosion or Arc Flash.

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Contact RESA Power to order your own customizable Sample Guard enclosure today!

All tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM, IEEE, IEC and NETA standards in the RESA Power California laboratory. In addition to a comprehensive test report that details all test analysis data, also included will be recommendations for possible corrective actions detected by the test analysis and inspection(s). All equipment will be photographed and photos are made a permanent part of the records and added to the finished test report.