Power System & Testing Services in Tennessee

RESA Power Tennessee Service specializes in electrical power system services and solutions to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable generation, transmission, and distribution of power. We have provided electrical solutions to thousands of companies throughout the United States and Canada on both a routine and a 24/7/365 basis since 2003.

Electrical Acceptance and Maintenance Testing Services

  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Switchgear and MCC systems
  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing and Repair
  • Medium Voltage Cable Testing: VLF, Tan Delta, DC
  • Transformer Testing and Repair
  • Transformer Maintenance Services
  • Transformer Repair and Maintenance
  • Scheduled Transformer Inspections
  • Electrical Switchgear Solutions
  • Switchgear Components
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Ground Testing
  • Protective Relays: Electro-Mechanical, Solid State, Microprocessor
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Regulating Apparatus
  • Rotating Machinery
  • Emergency Systems: Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, UPS Systems
  • DC Battery Bank Systems: Voltage, Resistance, Load Bank
  • Equipment Decommissioning

Online Testing Services:

  • Partial Discharge Testing Survey and Analysis
  • Infrared Survey and Analysis
  • Oil Sampling
  • Power / Load Recording
  • Ultrasonic Testing

Engineering Services:

  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Short Circuit and Coordination Studies
  • Harmonics Studies
  • NFPA 70E Compliance and Training

24 Hour Emergency Response

Emergency Power Solutions –
Immediate assistance and expertise
in case of unexpected power outages
or electrical emergencies.

Area Serviced

  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Alabama

Contact information

RESA Power Tennessee
Address: 6961 Eastgate Blvd.
Lebanon, TN 37090

Email: info.nashville@resapower.com
Phone: 629-900-3003


RESA Power has more than 40 service locations across the United States and Canada, including a transformer oil testing laboratory and specialty distribution centers to ensure our customers’ critical power systems are safe, reliable, and operating at peak efficiency. Click on the service center nearest to you for more information.