Transformer Retrofill Service

RESA Power Transformer Fluid Retrofill Services

RESA Power provides transformer fluid retrofill service to meet all of your transformer requirements. RESA Power will retrofill your transformer or equipment with your choice of new Mineral Oil, newer FR3 Fluid, or Synthetic Esters. FR3 fluid is a natural dielectric fluid derived from vegetable oil and is reclaimable and recyclable. Synthetic Esters have a lower freeze point than natural esters which enhances transformer performance in colder environments.

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Transformer Retrofill for all Environments

Retrofilling a transformer is the process of replacing insulating fluid in an existing transformer with new fluid. Doing so effectively upgrades the transformer while delivering other demonstrable benefits.
Depending on environmental condition or the time of year RESA Power can meet your fluid pre-heating requirements as part of the Transformer Retrofill Service.

RESA Power supplies labor, pumping equipment, replacement fluids, and existing fluid disposal for Transformer Retrofill Projects. RESA Power will drain, drip, flush, and recover residual existing fluid currently in your transformer. RESA Power provides transportation and disposal of fluid removed on all Transformer Retrofill Projects.

Transformer Retrofill Services

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Extend the Life of Your Transformer

Tranformer Retrofill Service can extend the life of your transformer. Using newer modern fluids can extend paper life on your transformers.

RESA Power treatment rigs incorporate on-board or auxiliary power generation systems which can eliminate the requirement for you to provide house power or to coordinate the delivery, operation, and return of a portable generator.

RESA Power treatment rigs include a complete lab to provide moisture and oil screen results as well as in-line moisture monitoring. This provides customers with real time moisture results obtained during the treatment operation.

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RESA Power has more than 30 service locations across the United States and Canada, including a transformer oil testing laboratory and specialty distribution centers to ensure our customers’ critical power systems are safe, reliable, and operating at peak efficiency. Click on the service center nearest to you for more information.