Circuit Breaker Remanufacturing

Circuit breakers are an important part of any electrical system, and their proper function is crucial to the safety of both people and property. However, circuit breakers can sometimes fail, causing a power outage or even a fire. If your circuit breaker has failed, RESA Power is a reputable circuit breaker remanufacturing company that can provide you with the replacement parts you need.

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Circuit Breaker Remanufacturing by RESA Power

Before completely replacing your broken circuit breaker, let RESA Power determine if circuit breaker remanufacturing is an option for you.

Circuit Breaker Refurbishment with RESA Power

If your circuit breaker has failed, the first step is to determine the cause of the failure. Circuit breakers can fail due to a variety of reasons, including age, excessive use, or damage from a power surge. Once the cause of the failure has been determined, you can then choose the best course of action for repair or replacement.

If the circuit breaker is old or has been damaged by a power surge, it will need to be replaced. However, if the circuit breaker is still in good working condition, it may be possible to have it repaired. There are several different types of circuit breaker repair services available, including reconditioning, remanufacturing, and repair.

Circuit Breaker Remanufacturing

Circuit Breaker Reconditioning

Reconditioned circuit breakers are cleaned, tested, and then refurbished. This type of repair service is typically less expensive than replacement, and it can extend the life of your circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker Remanufacturing

Circuit breaker remanufacturing is a more intensive process whereby the circuit breaker is completely disassembled, cleaned, and then rebuilt. This type of repair service is more expensive than reconditioning, but it can result in a like-new circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Complete circuit breaker repair may be completed without disassembling the breaker. This type of repair service is typically less expensive than remanufacturing, but it may not be possible to repair all types of damage.

Trust RESA Power with Your Circuit Breaker Repair Needs

When choosing a circuit breaker manufacturing company, it’s important to select one that has the proper experience in repairing and replacing circuit breakers. You should also inquire about the company’s warranty policy, as this will protect you in the event that your circuit breaker fails again after it has been repaired or replaced.

With RESA Power, you can rest assured that your electrical system is in good hands. As a reputable circuit breaker manufacturing company, our technicians will do everything possible to get your circuit breaker back on track. With the help of a skilled and experienced team, you can get your power back on and keep your company safe from electrical fires. That’s the Power of Us.

With distribution and manufacturing centers located across the United States, RESA provides service and support to clients in every major metropolitan area. Contact RESA Power today to learn more about our circuit breaker repair and circuit breaker remanufacturing.

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