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The future of the refining and chemicals landscape is changing rapidly. The expected peak and subsequent decline of demand for oil-based fuels in the coming years will continue to propel the world’s energy transition forward – making room for the growth of petrochemicals in their place. With a focus on sustainability and decarbonisation across the industry, the world’s refiners will be faced with adapting their processes to match the evolving demands of the market.

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RESA Power’s experts in sustainable power systems solutions for the petrochemical industry are here to support you through the ongoing evolution of one of the world’s most influential industries.

Chemical Processing Power Solutions for Your Hydrocarbon Facility

From the fuel in our cars, to the materials used to make our homes, to the life-saving medications used in our hospitals, chemicals – and the refineries that produce them – are essential to every facet of our lives. As the materials that power us shift to more sustainable sources, the suppliers that will survive the renewable energy transition are those that adapt to the market trends now.

When you are powering the future of modern everyday life, you need an experienced partner you can rely on. The team at RESA Power can help you upgrade your facility’s equipment and provide the NETA-certified testing and ongoing maintenance that’s essential to keeping operations running smoothly. Your hydrocarbon or chemical processing facility can count on RESA Power’s wide range of services to support you now and in the future, from commissioning and electrical testing to our wide inventory of electrical components from all major manufacturers.

Chemical and Oil Refinery Power Testing Services

RESA understands the delicate environment of your chemical processing facility. We know that providing the highest level of service and support for your electrical equipment is critical to the safety of your team and the flow of operations. As a leader in the power systems industry, our expert team can provide you with the market insights you need in a quickly changing landscape – and our NETA-certified engineers and technicians can take reliable and timely action in highly sensitive environments.

We provide a comprehensive range of testing services for hydrocarbon and chemical processing facilities. This includes the initial testing of new equipment to ensure safety and that all code requirements are met. We also provide cable, transformer, and switchgear testing to help prevent system failures. RESA Power is skilled in routine preventative maintenance testing and other supportive services and components for the longevity of your systems. No matter your specific needs, RESA Power is the partner your hydrocarbon or chemical refinery power services to secure your place in the future of the industry.

Here is a sample of the testing services RESA Power can provide for your hydrocarbon or chemical processing facility:

Acceptance Testing and Commissioning Services

A rapidly evolving industry calls for flexible environments and equipment. RESA Power will help your facility ensure the safety of new electrical equipment during new or existing construction projects. Our highly skilled technicians are certified in NETA’s standard for testing electrical systems to prevent problems before they occur, so you don’t lose critical time due to start-up delays. Our team of professionals can verify the proper performance of your electrical equipment, new or retrofitted, and assure total system performance across your facility that meets all necessary guidelines.

Don’t risk the safety of your invaluable team or electrical components – let RESA Power certify the performance of your systems with our extensive acceptance testing and commissioning services:

Chemical Processing Facility Maintenance and Emergency Repair Services

RESA Power understands the importance of keeping the facilities that power our lives running in top condition. You can trust the professionals at RESA Power to stay ahead of the ever-changing compliance standards as the industry changes shape and put those standards into practice through scheduled or preventative maintenance services. Our technicians are skilled in equipment testing, repair, and upgrades. Our on-call 24/7 emergency services minimize downtime so you can rest assured that your operations will be back up and running at peak performance as soon as possible. A full list of our extensive maintenance services can be found here.

Whether you’re looking for scheduled, preventative, or emergency maintenance, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is equipped to handle any type of job safely and efficiently.

Maintenance services at RESA Power include:

  • Electrical system audits
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Pre-construction services
  • Routine electrical service
  • Circuit Breaker and Transformer Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-call management and consulting
  • Transformer remanufacturing and repair


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RESA Power Components

Is your facility on the hunt for additional equipment to accommodate your production or update existing equipment? RESA Power holds one of the largest inventories of current models and obsolete equipment from all major manufacturers. Our distribution centers are conveniently located across the U.S. and Canada, so you can access the expertise and stock of a large-scale provider while getting the localized speed and service of a trusted partner.

Keep pace with the energy transition with RESA Power’s broad inventory of power system components, including:

The Global Refining Industry is Changing

By 2030, the global oil refining market is projected to reach $3.7 billion, up from $1.3 billion in 2020. While fuel is

currently one of the largest drivers of this growth, the demand for gasoline and other oil-based fuels is expected to be on the decline in the next decade. According to BP’s 2018 Energy Outlook, the share of the average oil barrel dedicated to transportation fuel is expected to peak in 2025 before beginning to fall. However, chemicals will continue to flourish, growing from 16% of oil demand in 2020 to 20% by 2040.

The growing shift towards clean fuel may be expected to have an impact on the projected growth of the oil refining industry for fuel production, but refiners are expected to see higher demand for petrochemicals used in the production of plastics and synthetic fibers – materials used in almost every consumer product we produce.

With additional technological advancements in chemical processing facilities and oil refineries, the market is expected to continue providing growth opportunities in the next decade. As the industry reshapes itself, you need a partner you can count on to stay up-to-date on market trends and provide the critical support you need to stay ahead of the curve. Grow towards the future with RESA Power – get a quote for your oil refinery power solutions today.


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