Power Service Literature


RESA Power Identity
Learn about who we are and the work we do.

Electrical Components & Engineered Solutions
Extend the life of your power system with quality components.

Life Extension Options for Electrical Equipment
Find out how to deal with aging electrical infrastructure.


RESA Asset Recovery
Got electrical supplies to sell? We’re buying!

Jobsite Power Skids
Stock & customizable power skids for any job application.

KV Labs Certification
Here are a few reasons to only buy KV labs certified Products.

Power Breaker Purchasing
Need help understanding purchasing options?

Re-Certified Buying Options
Learn more about our re-certified product options.


Electrical Safety & Maintenance
RESA Power can help you meet industry standards.

Oil Processing Solutions
Extend transformer life with our offering of next generation oil processing services.

Overview of Services
Have a look at a list of the services offered through RESA Power.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment
Learn all about arc flash hazard analysis and how RESA Power can help minimize risks.

Oil Testing Services
Offering expert oil laboratory & field services to customers around the world for over 35 years.

Temporary Power Solutions
RESA offers an affordable, high-quality solution for pre-construction temporary power.


Motor Control Equipment
Whether you need a new or replacement motor control center, RESA has you covered.

Offering Remanufactured & New Components
Let RESA replace or upgrade the internal components of your plant.

RESA Re-Manufactured
Have a look at what we mean when we say “fully rebuilt”.

Remanufactured Transformers
Same performance as a new transformer at a much lower cost.

Switchgear Unlimited is Now RESA Power
We’ve changed our name, but our commitment to switchgear lives on.