Mining & Aggregates Power Solutions

Providing Essential Support for Your Mining Operations

RESA Power has been a premier provider of mission-critical electrical service solutions for the mining and aggregate industry for more than two decades. Our NETA-certified engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing your mining operation with safe, reliable, and efficient support, from preventative maintenance to 24/7 emergency repair and power solutions. In an industry as tough as mining, you need a partner you can count on, above and below ground.

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Trust RESA Power to deliver high-quality power systems services that maximize your operation’s uptime and prioritize safety.

Face the Future with Customized Mining Power Solutions from RESA Power

In today’s mining landscape, sustainability has become essential. With low commodity prices, declining ore grades, and shrinking reserves, prioritizing sustainability is crucial to the survival of the industry. Individual mining operations, both new and existing, can see considerable financial improvements by making efforts to push toward sustainable operations. In a rapidly changing industry, the companies that emerge successful will be those that put focus on the impact their operation has on their community, the environment as a whole, and the health and safety of their employees.

RESA Power’s customized mining operation power solutions can help you adapt to the future of mining and secure your place in this quickly changing landscape. Whether your operation is in need of safety & risk assessments, upgraded components, or streamlined power solutions, RESA Power is the reliable and safe choice. Our technicians are trained to navigate even the most sensitive environments and are regularly certified in the latest IEEE and NETA safety standards. You can trust that your team, equipment, and business are always in safe hands with RESA Power.

Prevent Arc-Flash and Protect Your Miners with Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Without electricity, mining is a virtually impossible task. But the nature of the environment makes supplying that electricity a job that should be treated with extreme caution. An already deadly arc flash can become much more dangerous in an underground mine, where fires can start and potentially flood the mine with hazardous fumes – or even cause a secondary explosion. With an average of 30,000 arc flash incidents occurring every year, miners face an increased safety risk in this uniquely volatile work environment.

RESA Power can help you ensure that your operation meets arc flash safety requirements and NFPA 70E standards with arc flash hazard analyses and relay, protection, and control scheme services. We also offer arc flash training, safety, and NFPA 70E awareness classes so your technicians can also stay up-to-date and in compliance with their day-to-day operations. With one of the largest inventories of new and vintage components, including switchgear and relays, RESA Power is your all-in-one provider for safety in arc flash situations.

Mining & Aggregate Preventative Maintenance and Testing Services

RESA Power understands the importance of preventing interruptions and unexpected downtime, in and out of the mine. That’s why we offer comprehensive testing and routine preventative maintenance services for our mining and aggregate clients.

We offer a wide range of testing and maintenance services for your facility, including:

  • Commission Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Transformer Testing and Analysis
  • Partial Discharge Cable Testing and Monitoring
  • Facility System Risk Assessment
  • Substation and UPS Battery Testing
  • NETA & NFPA 70E Testing
  • Electrical System Audits
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Routine Electrical Service
  • Circuit Breaker and Transformer Inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-call Management and Consulting
  • Major Manufacturer Component Repair


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Equipment for All of Your Electrical Solutions for Mining

From large-scale mining operations to small-scale quarries, RESA Power can help you reduce costs by providing – and safely installing – equipment that is tailored to your operation’s specific needs. By optimizing your facility’s power sources, you’ll save energy, money, and time that can be reinvested in growing sustainable and community-minded initiatives.

Not sure where your systems stack up when it comes to energy efficiency? RESA Power can help you determine the output and cost of your current system through a thorough auditing process. Our team of professionals can also upgrade old equipment or assist you in developing a completely new power system customized to fit your facility’s needs.

Whether upgrading existing equipment or installing new systems, we have one of the largest inventories of new, used and obsolete components to support your growth:

Grow Into the Future with RESA Power

Like so many industries in the natural resources sector today, the mining landscape is facing rapid changes to keep pace with our evolving world. For those operations that prioritize making a space for themselves in the global energy transition, the potential for growth is vast. The need for critical minerals is expected to grow over the next 30 years, in large part due to the demand for clean energy technologies.

RESA Power can keep you up-to-date and make sure you are equipped for the future. With more than 20 years of experience in premier electrical solutions, you can count on RESA Power to partner with your operation through times of transition and beyond. That’s the Power of Us.


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