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RESA Power provides comprehensive airport electrical maintenance services for low, medium and high voltage aviation projects. Our technicians have vast experience in all facets of airport electrical needs. Our larger crews ensure jobs are completed in a short window of time, reducing down time.

Types of Work
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From New Construction to Maintenance, We Have You Covered

RESA Power’s NETA technicians have experience in working on low, medium, and high voltage aviation projects. Whether you need relay testing, breaker remanufacturing or switchgear, our team is here to help.


Maintaining safety and seamless operations at an airport is of utmost importance. Electrical maintenance plays a vital role in achieving uninterrupted and efficient services. The possibility of a power outage or electrical failure leading to flight cancellations, stranded passengers, and hazardous conditions is a risk worth avoiding.

To help eliminate these risks, preventive maintenance programs should be in place. It is crucial to select a reliable maintenance provider. It is also paramount to choose a company with highly skilled and experienced technicians who can promptly and efficiently address any arising electrical issues.

RESA Power is the optimal choice for airport electrical maintenance needs. Our NETA-certified technicians possess the proficiency to identify and resolve issues beforehand, ensuring maximum uptime. Entrusting the right maintenance provider is critical for an airport’s safety and success.

At RESA Power, we provide a wide range of airport power-related services, including:

  • Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear: We offer maintenance, repair, upgrade, and testing services for low and medium voltage switchgear, including air and vacuum switches, and circuit breakers.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): We provide comprehensive maintenance, repair, and testing services on all makes and models of UPS systems, ensuring that essential airport systems remain operational during power disturbances or interruptions.
  • Emergency Power Systems: We specialize in performing maintenance, repair, and testing on backup generator systems, providing reliable power the airport needs when the primary power source fails.
  • Transformers: Our expert technicians can perform regular maintenance and testing on transformers to ensure they are functioning correctly and that any issues are resolved promptly.
  • Circuit Breakers: We offer complete repair and upgrade services for circuit breakers to ensure the protection of airport equipment and personnel.
  • Infrared Testing: Our infrared testing services detect problems before they cause unplanned downtime, allowing for preventive maintenance to be performed before severe problems arise.
  • Protective Relays: The RESA Power team provides comprehensive maintenance and testing services for all types of protective relays, including electromechanical and digital relays.
  • Grounding Systems: We offer design, installation, and maintenance services for airport grounding systems to ensure the safety of airport personnel and equipment.
  • Ground Fault Systems: Our team can provide comprehensive repair and testing services for all types of ground fault systems to keep your airport operating safely.
  • Short Circuit Analysis: Our expert technicians can perform detailed short circuit analysis services to identify areas of potential issues before they can cause downtime.
  • Coordination Studies and Protective Settings: We provide coordination studies and protective settings services to ensure the reliable operation of critical equipment and create efficient operating processes.
  • Battery and DC Power Systems: Our technicians perform regular maintenance and testing on airport battery and DC power systems to ensure airport operations continue running smoothly.
  • Static Transfer Switches: We offer commissioning and testing services for static transfer switches to ensure the reliability and efficiency of their operations.
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU): Our team provides comprehensive maintenance, repair, and testing services for all types of power distribution units to ensure uninterrupted operation.
  • Paralleling Switchgear: We offer repair and upgrade services for paralleling switchgear systems, offering long-term savings and reliability for airports.


At RESA Power, we recognize the significance of dependable switchgear and breakers. That’s why we have a broad assortment of switchgear in stock, including panel boards and disconnect switches from all leading US manufacturers, ready for prompt delivery.

Our skilled teams carry out commissioning and acceptance testing for new construction projects to guarantee seamless operations from the outset. Moreover, we offer repair, remanufacture, and upgrade programs for switching and control assemblies. We supply beforehand assemblies to match all current equipment, eliminating any potential downtime.

Whether you’re preparing for a new airport or need to maintain your existing electrical infrastructure, you can rely on RESA Power for seamless and dependable support.


Small or large jobs, equipment or service; we are here to help your aviation projects across the US and Canada.