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Water and Irrigation

Water, Wastewater and Irrigation providers are under increasing pressure to provide more with less. RESA Power understands the need to maintain the reliability and safety of your electrical systems on a budget.

We will work with your facility managers to test and maintain critical electrical infrastructure to ensure you can keep the pumps running and your filters producing as designed.


RESA Power Service has the capabilities to supplement your existing system testing group during periods of peak activity or crisis. Our NETA certified technicians are fully qualified to perform a range of testing services from basic preventative maintenance through full trouble shooting, protection and control relay services.

Our Transformer Oil Processing groups are located strategically throughout the country and are available on short notice to handle gassing issues and execute repairs on site.

Our Transformer Service group is available to assist utilities with both planned and emergency transformer repairs, oil handling, vacuum services, testing, and trouble shooting.

Mining and Aggregates

Mining and Minerals Operations are dependent on power that is safely and reliably delivered without arc flash or explosive events. RESA provides arc flash studies and safe electrical maintenance solutions for the demanding mining environment.

refineries and chemicals

RESA understands the unique operating environment in your Hydrocarbon and Chemical processing facilities. The safety and reliability of your substations, motor control centers and electrical equipment is critical, and executing the testing and maintenance required during a hectic shutdown or turnaround requires flawless project planning.

RESA Power Service has the capacity to provide teams of NETA Certified Technicians and Engineers when and where you need them.

Data Centers

RESA offers products and services for your 7 x 24 operations. When storage of data is at risk, you can’t take chances with your power equipment. We can perform maintenance, testing, repair, and provide emergency power sources.

Hospital, University and Large Office Tower

Annual maintenance and testing of the electrical system components in your facility is key to ensuring the power stays on and the systems remain safe. Our NETA-certified technicians work around your schedule to perform industry best testing and preventative maintenance during your annual maintenance weekend, even on short notice for trouble shooting.

RESA Power Service also offers Arc Flash engineering studies and can perform energized IR scans to spot issues before they become problems.

Electrical Contractors

RESA Power provides a suite of products and services to assist contractors with both maintenance and new construction projects.

Maintenance – RESA provides engineering support and design solutions for components and systems that match or function as add-ons for existing infrastructure. RESA can also perform ongoing testing, calibration and remanufacturing of systems to keep them online.

New Construction -RESA assists with temporary power and commissioning /start-up testing on the front end of your projects. We offer attractive pricing, quick-change orders, and buybacks with switchgear, transformers, and skids used for temporary power, allowing you to stay focused on completing your project on time and under budget. RESA’s services group can then perform acceptance testing of your electrical infrastructure before startup.

Electrical Distributors

RESA Power can operate as an extension of your sales and purchasing team, allowing you to take on more sophisticated higher-margin projects. We support equipment beyond the original manufacturer, and provide testing and engineering services to give your customers piece of mind with their installation.


RESA Power Serviceprovides NETA certified testing and engineering services for all levels of government and military facilities. We perform commissioning and acceptance testing, maintenance services and breaker repair around your budget and to NETA, ANSI and IEEE standards.

Our portable power and substation solutions are currently favored by the US Navy and Army as well as key research labs across the country.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

RESA Power Service provides NETA certified Commissioning & Acceptance testing for all types of projects, from large commercial to new renewable energy facilities and manufacturing plants.

Our technicians work with your project managers to ensure not only that the electrical components are performing as specified, but also that the entire electrical system is performing exactly as designed, letting you avoid costly deficiency issues after completion.

Independent Power Producers and Renewables

Solar, wind, hydro, biomass and other replenishable energy sources are replacing fossil fuels as the energy of the future. RESA Power provides start-up commissioning services as well as on-going electrical maintenance services and components to help keep renewable energy producers operating with minimal downtime.