Agricultural Electrical Services

Power Your Agricultural Operations with RESA Power

We rely on the agricultural industry to keep our communities fuelled, energized and efficient so they can make the most of every day. Trust RESA Power to do the same for your agriculture power operations with tailored services for all of your electrical power system needs. Whether your farm is in need of start-up testing, ongoing preventative maintenance plan, or reliable emergency services so you never lose valuable production time, RESA Power is the support partner you can count on.

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RESA Power has the extensive knowledge and resources needed to provide high-quality agricultural electrical services that keep farms of all sizes across the country powered and operating at peak performance.

Customized Agricultural Power Solutions for Your Facility

Today’s agricultural industry has shifted from relying solely on individuals to relying on full-scale agricultural electrical systems to power their farms. Electricity doesn’t just protect the wellbeing of livestock and plants – it protects your investment and output by safeguarding harvests and preventing food spoilage and other potential operation failures. It is critical that your irrigation, fertilization, storage and feeding systems are powered by high-quality components and maintained by experienced professionals.

RESA Power is your all-in-one support provider with our vast inventory of components, including new and obsolete equipment from all major manufacturers, and customized electrical solutions for the whole farm. When you choose an industry-leading national provider of electrical power solutions like RESA Power, you can count on reliability and safety 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Standby Electrical Power Systems for 24/7 Production

One unexpected power outage is enough to lose invaluable stock and cause a significant financial blow if your facility is not prepared. Guarantee your operation’s security and your own peace of mind with backup electrical power systems like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and standby generators. In the event that your farm loses power for an extended period of time, they will protect your inventory while our experienced technicians restore your primary agricultural power systems. Our UPS and standby generators are available in various sizes and capacities to make them easily suitable to your specific needs.

Agriculture Preventative Maintenance and Testing Services

RESA Power can help you avoid interruptions and fend off unexpected power outages before they happen with comprehensive testing services and a routine preventative maintenance plan. We offer a wide range of testing and maintenance services for your agricultural facility, including:


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RESA Power Components Optimized for Your Farm

Equipment that is tailored and optimized to your farm’s unique needs can conserve considerable energy, money and time in the long run. Through thorough auditing, RESA Power can help you determine if your current system is operating at maximum efficiency when it comes to energy output and cost. Our team of professionals can also upgrade old equipment or assist you in developing a completely new power system customized to fit your facility’s needs.

You can rest assured that our NETA-certified technicians are always up-to-date on the latest ANSI/NETA standards, so your systems are guaranteed the highest level of quality assurance and safety. At RESA Power, the security of your facility and staff is always our highest priority.

Whether upgrading existing equipment or installing new systems, we have one of the largest inventories of new, used and obsolete components to support your growth:

The Agriculture Industry is Fuelling the Future

Our world, and everyone in it is powered by the agricultural industry. With the global population steadily on the rise, the demand for food will increase with it. By 2050, farmers will be expected to ramp up food production by 70% compared to production in 2007 to account for the total 9.1 billion people on the planet.

For a responsibility this massive, you need an experienced partner you can trust to share the weight. RESA Power is proud to pillar the essential work of our farmers by providing full-scale agricultural electrical power systems as well as 24/7 service and support. Plant seeds for the future with the help of RESA Power.


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