RESA provides expert Relay, Protection and Control Schemes to the power systems industry.

To ensure optimal performance of your critical systems and components, pay attention to management and maintenance of the related control schemes.

RESA offers relay protection and control scheme services.

  • Relay design
  • Equipment specification
  • Equipment and technology evaluation & analysis
  • Relay settings & engineering


Ensure Safety and Compliance with RESA’s Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Arc Flash hazards can cause problems that result in property damage, injury and even loss of life. Our experts can help you provide the Arc Flash workforce safety you want along with the NFPA compliance you need. RESA engineers assess the electrical equipment and environment in your facility to determine shock and flash protection boundaries, hazard class, PPE requirements, potential incident threat levels, and more, including:

  • Load and coordination study
  • Arc flash and shock hazard analysis
  • Arc flash mitigation study
  • Flash and shock hazard labels applications
  • Updates to one line drawings
  • Electrical awareness training

ARC Flash Hazard Analysis

Our ARC Flash hazard analysis establishes the flash protection boundary around electrical equipment within which a worker exposed to an arcing fault would expect to receive 2nd degree burns if not adequately protected.

  • Determines incident energy level at a specific working distance from equipment as per IEEE 1584 Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations.
  • Selects appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used while working within the flash protection boundary as per CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard.
  • Creates Arc Flash labels using ETAP

RESA engineers are well-versed in electrical codes and requirements as specified by OSHA and the National Electrical Code. Our goal is to bring you into compliance with NFPA 70E 2015 and OSHA Regulations (Standards – 29 CFR) General requirements – 1910.269 utilizing IEEE Standards and NFPA 70 standards. We also provide safety training that improves proficiency and brings your employees up to date on NFPA 70E requirements.

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