RESA Power Keeps Your Data Center Powered, Reliable & Safe

RESA Power has proven to be a valued partner for several high-profile data centers regarding the essential task of performing preventative maintenance & predictive testing in an effort to avoid any unscheduled outages.

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24/7/365 coverage with on-site response in as little as 4-hours.

Full service predictive and preventative maintenance testing for all manufactures and vintages of electrical distribution equipment.

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Keep Your Data Center Powered, Reliable and Safe

As part of RESA Power’s maintenance and repair services for Data Centers, we offer:

  • NETA Certified Technicians, Licensed PE’s and Subject Matter Experts experienced in all aspects of electrical equipment upgrades and life extension solutions.
  • Diagnostic reports with issues identified by severity and clear recommendations for necessary repairs or equipment replacement.
  • Vast in-house inventory of electrical distribution equipment instrumental in limiting downtime during catastrophic events. RESA Power is an authorized OEM for all major manufacturers.

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Why Choose Resa Power for Data Center Services?

  • RESA Power Service is a NETA-accredited company committed to advancing the industry’s standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.
  • RESA is performing the annual Engine Diagnostic System (EDS) maintenance for several data centers across the U.S. including large data centers in Colorado, California, New Jersey, Connecticut and other states.
  • RESA offers full in-house manufacturing capabilities in several locations for switchgear, breakers, panelboards, MCC, transformers, & other power equipment. We are OEM brand agnostic, & routinely refurbish equipment from all major OEMs. We often partner with OEMs to meet aggressive turnaround deadlines their own factories are not able to meet.
  • RESA Power has a wide variety of vertical market customers throughout the U.S. & Canada outside of data centers that we service on both a routine and a 24/7/365 basis since 2003.

Data Center Use Case

From ISSUE to SOLUTION, see how RESA Power provided BENEFIT for this Data Center Use Case

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A large data center in the Northeast had been outsourcing testing and using a vendor that did not provide turnkey upgrades and trip unit programming in the field. Deadlines and budgets had been missed causing delays and additional outages.

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RESA Power was uniquely capable of developing a Breaker Upgrade and Exchange strategy involving RESA Breaker Technicians and NETA Certified RESA Field Technicians to test and commission equipment during non-peak hours.

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Data Centers operate in a “can’t fail” environment.
RESA Power was able to increase the customer’s infrastructure reliability and peace of mind by deploying the Breaker Exchange strategy and performing all required upgrades, programming and testing on-site.


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