RESA Power Service’s remanufactured transformers provide the same performance as new transformers at a much lower cost.

HV Transformer1200

Our transformer re-manufacturing service offers a new lease on life for used transformers, enabling them to be completely rebuilt and returned to as-new condition or even upgraded to a higher specification. A re-manufactured transformer provides the same performance as a new transformer at a much lower cost, but the main advantage is RESA Power Service’s fast turnaround times that can have a re-manufactured transformer shipped in around one-third of the normal delivery time of a new unit

Our Remanufacturing program Includes:

  • As found testing (TTR, insulation resistance, winding resistance )
  • Internal inspection
  • Top cover removal
  • Insulating fluid removal
  • Bushing removal and cleaning
  • Gasket replacement
  • Threaded fitting removal, cleaning, and reinstallation
  • Connection testing
  • Filling with original processed fluid unless otherwise noted by the customer
  • Top cover reinstallation.
  • 5 psi pressure testing
  • Paint prepping – including sanding, minor fabrication work, and rust removal.
  • Painting with a urethane two-part top coat.

Electrical Tests Per NETA Standards:

  • Insulation Resistance (Polarization Index)
  • Winding Resistance
  • Turn-to-Turn Ratio
  • Power Factor Insulation Test
  • Excitation Test
  • Bushing Hot Collar (If applicable)
  • Bushing Capacitance Test (If applicable)
  • Auxiliary Checks (If applicable)

RESA Power Service also offers the following services:

  • Removal of core and coils for water/rust situations or other repairs.
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Fabrication and replacement of severely depleted metals
  • New fluid retro fill (mineral oil, Cooper FR3, and silicone )
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Radiator assessment and repair
  • Bushing and gasket repair
  • Internal inspection and repair
  • Transformer oil dehydration and degasification

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With distribution and manufacturing centers located across the United States, RESA provides service and support to clients in every major metropolitan area.