RESA Power Announces the Launch of its Transformer Assessment Portal (“RESA TAP”)

RESA Power, LLC, a market leader in power systems services and life extension solutions for power distribution equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of the Transformer Assessment Portal (“RESA TAP”) as part of our continued commitment to expanding best available options that deliver high expertise and expert advice in the power industry.

Mike Choi, General Manager of RESA’s Lab Services business, remarked, “RESA TAP is a game-changer for our customers that want to maximize the performance and longevity of their power transformers and help them make the most cost-effective maintenance decisions. Our existing customers have a need for an assessment and diagnostic resource that helps them quickly and easily prioritize problem equipment and maintenance issues. Our Transformer Assessment Portal satisfies both needs, providing automated decision-making recommendations and ongoing trend analysis of power transformer conditions in a timely, easy to access manner.”

RESA TAP is an online functional console providing easy 24/7 access to the current and historical data of the transformers that enable customers to review the service history and diagnostic assessment for the equipment from any device with an internet connection.

RESA TAP main features include:

  • Free of charge access to the portal anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Store current and historical data on client-owned equipment to gather useful metrics about managed transformers.
  • View oil sample processing progress and completed service orders.
  • View the current condition and status of your transformers and equipment.
  • View, print, or download transformer assessment and overview reports.
  • All analytical tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard Test Procedures and diagnostic recommendations are based on IEEE Standard guidelines.

A significant benefit of RESA TAP online assessment is the ability to identify trends and immediate visibility of transformer conditions that is essential in developing effective condition-based maintenance plans. Complete details about RESA TAP and its services can be found by visiting ​​​​​​​

About RESA Power, LLC 

RESA Power is the market leader in life extension solutions for power distribution equipment. RESA is comprised of business units across the United States and Canada specializing in various niche power distribution & circuit protection markets such as obsolete & hard-to-find inventory, fast turnaround on current model equipment, engineering services and testing & maintenance. RESA has 16 primary distribution facilities and service centers across the U.S. and Canada, accommodating one of the largest inventories of power distribution and control equipment in North America. RESA employs field sales engineers serving every major US metropolitan area through our network of business units.

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