RESA Power Canada Receives Prestigious Certificate of Recognition (COR) for Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety

RESA Power is delighted to announce that our RESA Power Canada team has been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Recognition (COR) following a comprehensive audit conducted by our external auditor in Vancouver. This achievement is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety, highlighting their dedication and hard work. We extend our deepest gratitude to the team for their exceptional efforts and congratulate them on this remarkable accomplishment.

Acknowledging the Team

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to several individuals and the entire RESA Power Port Coquitlam, BC team whose steadfast dedication and commitment have played a vital role in this outstanding achievement. Valer Banushi, Ryan Horn, Ralph Schmoor, Randy Sandhu, and the entire team deserve recognition for their tireless efforts in ensuring workplace safety and health.

Understanding the Certificate of Recognition (COR)

The COR is a highly regarded certification that is conferred upon employers who not only comply with established regulatory requirements but also demonstrate their commitment to implementing and maintaining an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) focused on continuous improvement. By going above and beyond the minimum requirements, our team has exemplified their commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

A Culture of Safety and Excellence

At RESA Power, we have fostered a culture where occupational health and safety are of paramount importance. This achievement reflects our team’s dedication and adherence to best practices in the industry. Through regular assessments, rigorous audits, and effective risk management strategies, we consistently strive to maintain the highest standards of workplace safety.

While we are proud of this achievement, we believe that there is always room for improvement. As an company, we remain committed to continuously enhancing our Occupational Health and Safety Management System to ensure the ongoing well-being of our employees and the efficient operation of our business. We will continue to invest in training, implement preventive measures, and leverage technological advancements to create a safer work environment.

RESA Power Canada’s receipt of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a testament to our team’s dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to workplace safety and health. We extend our sincerest congratulations to everyone involved in this accomplishment and express our gratitude for their exceptional contributions. This achievement reinforces our resolve to maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety, further solidifying our reputation as an industry leader.

About RESA Power

RESA Power, a portfolio company of Investcorp, a global alternative investment firm, is a market leader in power systems services and life extension solutions for power distribution equipment used in mission-critical environments. With locations across the United States and Canada, RESA Power is uniquely capable of ensuring its customers’ critical power systems are safe, reliable, and operating at peak efficiency. The technicians and engineers at RESA Power are experts in testing and servicing transformers, relays, breakers, and other key components of power distribution and control systems. RESA Power also provides quick turn-around custom manufactured or retrofit switchgear and breaker solutions and maintains an extensive inventory of obsolete and hard-to-find components. For more information about how to join the RESA Power group, visit or follow @RESAPower on LinkedIn

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